Friday, August 5, 2011

Paul Herbst for Urban Outfitters

Všimla jsem si, že lidé z Urban Outfitters poslední dobou vybírají opravdu dobré fotografy, kteří nejsou ani tak známý (tedy pro mě), jeden z posledních je i Paul Herbst...


Hello Paul, how are you doing today?

Hello, I'm fine. Just a bit shaky - walked in the rain for 40 minutes with not that many clothes on. Sipping very hot herbal tea now.

You moved to London a few years ago. What prompted you to make this move and did this change in location have any affect on your work?

Partially this was imposed on me, but I'm more than happy to be here, but probably moving somewhere else soon (in order not to get bored). Not sure if the move itself affected anything in my work. Let's see how my new book will come out...

When shooting, do you already have a particular composition in mind or is it more spontaneous?

Well, it depends. I would say 65% - staged, 35% - spontaneous.

The majority of your stuff is still life. Do you prefer shooting objects rather than people?

I don't mind shooting people as long as they are still. I very often instruct them to be still. Action photography doesn't really appeal to me.

Your work seems to have taken on a darker more sinister side since your 'My Shit Is Gold' book. What's the reasoning behind this shift?

Did it? To be honest, I didn't notice. Hmmm... I'll look into this.

So, what's the story with the chicken heads?

I got them from the meat stall in Brixton market. The gentleman who kindly cut them for me (without charge) said I could come by for more any time. Still got them in the depths of the freezer.

Why do you hate Lomography?

I don't really hate Lomography. I just dislike the way it is marketed.

Is it your intention to provoke a reaction with your photography?

That's a tough one. If 'yes', I probably don't admit it to myself. Actually, I'm really sleepy right now and too lazy to think, or am I just trying to avoid the question...

Do you have a motto or rule that you conduct all your work by?

Not really…



  1. některé jsou fakt dobré - líbí se mi, jak se fotografie propojuje s módou - neotřele, ani jedno nemá navrch - prostě dokonalá symbióza=)

  2. no az na tu slepici hlavu :DDDDDDD ta me vydesila!